Maybe it’s the cooler weather, but the near-winter months always seem like a great time to get things in order. Before the guests arrive, before you unveil anything new, a little cleanup can help you set the stage. We’ve got a lot of great things coming, which is why this week we’ve set aside some time to tackle a few bug fixes and do just that! Of course, we still delivered a few early treats.
Here are the highlights:
Net-Results Now Offers Integration with Swoogo Event Planning Tool
This will be welcome news to our friends focused on events planning who will now be able to automatically generate a list of event registrants in Net-Results. Schedule reminders and outreach by tying that list directly to a campaign in preparation of your show! Currently, the Swoogo integration can be requested by contacting Net-Results directly.
All About Forms
We’ve added smarter controls to help prevent invalid configuration when setting up a form with a Thank You message. Net-Results forms are designed to be flexible, offering a few different options for presentation and hosting, from dragging and dropping into a Net-Results Landing Page to leveraging HTML or our Hosted Source options to add the form to your own page.

In addition, depending on the type of form leveraged, users can select either a Thank You Message or redirect respondents to a separate Thank You (or other) Landing Page. We’ve taken steps to remove options that don’t pair well depending on the type of form selected. This sort of intelligent layout can help prevent invalid form configuration. A small, but helpful fix.
We’ve also taken steps to help prevent duplicate form submission! We’ve all seen those warnings that indicate we should be careful not to click submit more than once. Now, if you’re using a Net-Results form you won’t have to worry as much about an accidental mouse click. Click once, twice, five times within the same form session and it will still count as a single submission.
Bug Fix: Syncing Dynamic Lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
You’ve long been able to sync a dynamic list from Microsoft Dynamics into Net-Results. We’ve addressed a bug that could previously prevent a complete sync.
Safety First! Some Security Updates
Net-Results undergoes periodic security scans as you might expect. We’ve addressed a few issues uncovered in a recent scan to keep your data secure.
We’ve also increased the number of new passwords that must be used before an old password may re-used from 5 to 10.

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