Welcome back to the Net-Results blog for some more platform updates and exciting announcements on things happening! Adam, Director of Product, here for another month of awesome news.

What an incredible month it has been. We have all been affected by the rapid spread of COVID-19 and have had to make significant changes to keep up operations and our businesses running smoothly. We thank you for sharing your stories and allowing us to be an important part of keeping your business strong during a challenging time. It is humbling to be reminded of your global reach and to see the countless ways that you have implemented campaigns to communicate your vision, strategy, and priorities.

Our team is no exception to the reach of this virus. We are thankful that everyone on our team is currently happy and healthy; we have completely transitioned to work-from-home and while doing so have maintained and exceeded our targets for the month!

For this, I would like to personally thank everyone at Net-Results for the incredible effort and dedication during this transition.

Our product team is in full swing and just as efficient as ever. Our customer success team continues to maintain the top response and resolution times in the industry, all while there has been an increase of requests. (Check out the awesome March CS stats at the end of this post!) We hope that your company has been transitioning smoothly as well and continues to be strong during this uncertain time.

Now, onto the updates. We are happy to announce that despite the global pandemic, we have made significant progress this month:

Want to know more and see how these updates can benefit your business and save you time? Keep on reading!

P.S. If you missed our last platform updates, you can check them out here.

New Campaign Totals Report

One simple download of the performance of a campaign.

This month we focused on a highly requested feature to improve the reporting on the performance of your campaign. That is, when viewing your campaign stats, you now have the ability one-click download the campaign totals in an easy to use excel format.

Well, you spoke and we listened!

This new report combines all of the data from your campaign and puts it into a tabbed excel spreadsheet that is clear and easy to manage.

We heard from a number of you that one of the challenges of communicating to your stakeholders was combining enough of the campaign performance statistics to help make your case. We hope that this combined report will save valuable time in getting the information you need!

To find this new report, navigate to any campaign and can click on the ‘Stats’ tab. You can also navigate to the campaign performance dashboard and select the campaign name from the dropdown. At the top of the campaign performance dashboard, there is a new ‘Download Totals‘ button next to the ‘Download’ PDF button at the top right. This will generate the report with all of the performance data for this campaign.

Pro tip:
Do you have campaigns with a large amount of data to process? Not to worry, we have built-in performance handling so that the report can be generated while you are working on other things. Simply click ‘Download Totals’ and your report will be ready in the Downloads Center any time you need it.

As always, we’d love to hear from you; please don’t hesitate to drop us a note with your thoughts via your designated Customer Success Manager!

Migration of Anonymous Contact Activity History

A more complete picture of the history of a contact

Having visibility into a contact’s activity history is very valuable. At times, knowing the complete picture of a customer journey can be challenging. It is not always the case where a contact has a common path of viewing your site and filling out a form. Sometimes a contact can be created in your account from a sync from your CRM system and a form was never submitted. It is these uncommon paths that leave us marketers scratching our heads of what is the history of that contact.

There are two types of contacts in this scenario; anonymous contacts and defined contacts. Take for example that an anonymous contact has been visiting your website, reading your content, but has not yet filled out a form. This anonymous contact’s activity history is recorded, but we do not yet know who they are.

Now the same contact who is excited about your brand visits a trade show and speaks to one of your salespeople. Your salesperson takes their business card and records it as a new contact in their CRM. They have now become a defined contact. This newly defined contact in your CRM is now synced to your Net-Results account but there is no matching email address in your account to migrate the data. This contact is treated as a new separate contact.

The contact knows your brand and is familiar with your product, but from the view of the marketer, they have only interacted at the trade show. This leaves us scratching our heads for a more complete picture.

Now with the update of migrating anonymous activity history to a defined contact, when an email is sent to the defined contact we know from their cookies that they were once the anonymous contact and we automatically migrate their activity history without any action on your part.

With this migration of the activity history, we now have a complete picture of the customer journey of that contact.

A contacts activity history can be migrated from one of two actions:

  • First, an email is sent to a defined contact that matches an anonymous contact, and
  • Second, the anonymous contact submits a form and becomes a defined contact with the full activity history.

We hope that this important update with further help you tell the story of your contacts with a more complete activity history!

Contact Lookup by Last Modified Date via the API

The Contact::getMultiple() method has been updated to enable you to lookup which contacts have been modified in a specified period of time.

Are you interested in all contacts who have been modified in the last 24 hours? Using the updated Contact::getMultiple() method, you can now lookup as well as sort and filter by last modified date.

There was also an update to the Contact Controller Responses to include:

  • modify_date
  • last_email_open
  • last_email_click

This will enable you to get the most recent email opens and clicks!

Additional Updates:

  • A bug was squashed that was reported regarding the Forward to a Friend option in emails. This helped improve performance and usability for the users of Net-Results!

And hey, how ’bout that CS team?

Our awesome CS team, like the rest of the company, is currently WFH. But that hasn’t been stopping them. Check out these awesome stats from this month.

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Sarah Augustinsky

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