August came and went (the holidays are literally just around the corner?!), and we’re kicking off September with a fabulous (if I do say so myself) interview with our Delivery Manager on the Product Team: Meredith Furdock.

Meredith has been a part of the Net-Results fam for several years; however, you may have known her as our Director of CS.

Earlier this year, Meredith transitioned to the Product Team and is wearing a new hat! We’ve loved seeing Meredith’s success on the product side of things — her drive and ambition truly have us asking, “what can’t she do?”

By the end of this interview, we’re confident you’ll feel the same!

What’s your current role here at Net-Results?
My role is called “Delivery Manager.” It’s basically a hybrid of a Product Manager and a Scrum Master. I sit on the Product Team now.  

Meredith and Lola!

Our customers may remember you as our fantastic Director of Customer Success! What prompted you to change gears and move into Product?
I’ve been customer-facing my entire career and began to feel like I needed a change. I’ve enjoyed working with engineers all throughout my career (so much so I married one that I actually met at Net-Results – ha!) and saw a need for some of my knowledge on the Product team, so I decided to bring up making a lateral move within the company.  

What has been your favorite part of your new job as Delivery Manager?
Just the opportunity to add a new skill to my toolbelt. Since I have only been customer-facing in my career, this opportunity is challenging me in ways that I had not been challenged before.

What are you looking forward to accomplishing in your new position?
Continuing to iterate on the Product Team processes and continuing to deliver a high-quality product. I’m excited about the next generation of Net-Results that we are working on.

Before the pandemic, you were living in Denver but have since moved! Where are you working from now and how has that change been?
I live in Lakewood, Ohio now. I came home to Ohio in July of 2020 for a vacation with my then-boyfriend, we got engaged, got married in October (a small 18 person wedding), and decided to not return to Denver. He is from Pennsylvania and I am from Ohio, so we are much closer to our families now which makes us happy. The change has been exhilarating, though I do miss my long-time best friend, Carla, back in Denver.

Meredith and her husband, Jordan

In a nutshell, what does a typical workday look like for you?
I run our SCRUM ceremonies, spend most of my day in JIRA supporting the planning of the next-gen of Net-Results, creating cross-department collaboration processes, and writing process documentation.

What’s your favorite feature of the Net-Results platform?
I love Net-Results Alerts. They are so handy to keep tabs on your leads or your actual customers. I used to use alerts as the Director of Customer Success for our current customers. Whenever one of our customers went to the Knowledge Base, I knew about it & knew what article they went to. This helped the team be proactive in reaching out to customers who visited an article multiple times and also helped me understand what articles may need a bit of rewriting to make things clearer.

Lola & Abby

I know Lola, your adorable pug, used to be one of the favorite office pups — does she miss going to work? How is she dealing with the transition?
Lola is pretty adaptable. She has lived in Canton Ohio, Chicago Illinois, Ashland Ohio, Denver Colorado, and now Lakewood Ohio. She gained a sister, Abby, when Jordan and I got married, so that helped her adjust. We also bought a house in Lakewood so I think she likes this a lot more than my 800 square foot condo in Denver. 🙂 I am 100% sure she misses Jeff Ward, our Senior DevOps Engineer…they were best buddies. Oh, and the mailman for the office, he brought her treats every day.

Fall is quickly approaching! What fall-time activity are you most looking forward to?
Fall is hard for me because I am highly allergic to Ragweed which runs rampant where I live in Ohio. That being said, I’m excited to watch the leaves change colors!

If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go and why?
Wales. My name is originally Welsh. But more importantly, my husband and I like hiking and I really want to see Snowdonia National Park. 

Meredith continues to do fantastic work here at Net-Results and we’re absolutely thrilled to have her involved with our Product Team! She’s doing wonderful things and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future.

Be sure to check back next month for our next interview with a member of our Product Team! You never know who it may be…


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