Looking for Marketo Pricing? Check out the free Marketo Pricing Report and get all the answers you’re looking for right off the bat!

First things first, hi! We’re Net-Results!

We’re a marketing automation platform built specifically for mid-market companies, divisions of enterprise, and marketing-savvy small businesses.

Net-Results is 1st choice of people buying marketing automation for the 2nd time – and that includes a lot of ex-Marketo customers. The folks over at Marketo have made an industry-leading product. They’re great people (we share a city with a bunch of them here in Denver!) and we definitely respect their work.

However, if you’re in the market for a platform like Marketo, you’ll absolutely love Net-Results. Which is why we try to show how Net-Results compares to Marketo as much as we can!

For now… you were looking for Marketo’s pricing. Keep reading!

How did we find Marketo’s Pricing?

Obviously, Marketo doesn’t publish their pricing on their website. (That’s probably even why you’re here.) So, how did we get it?

In two ways:

  1. We hired a marketing agency to go into the sales process with Marketo. They reported their findings back to us.
  2. Many of our customers have come over from Marketo. We also talk
    to our partner marketing agencies a lot (and some of them offer us alongside Marketo). Oftentimes they’ll share their own findings, to the extent that they’re able and allowed to do so.

So, all in all, we’ve got a pretty good idea of where Marketo is at!


There’s a bit of a disclaimer to some of the information I’m about to go over and that comes in the internet slang acronym of YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary.

This essentially means that there are a lot of specific details about your business case that may determine what Marketo’s price may be for your business. It makes a ton of sense — most companies use how much a potential customer values the (in case you’re curious, Net-Results includes all features and our best-in-class support at all pricing tiers at no extra cost, so there’s none of this potential for nickel-and-diming from us).

Marketo (and honestly, a lot of our competitors) breaks their platform up into multiple product offerings and add-ons. Each of these offerings comes with its own pricing tiers. This can make it very difficult to know how much you’ll actually spend, all-in, on Marketo at your company

The exact price you’ll be quoted is dependent on exactly what you decide to buy.

And honestly, it could still go up!

So where does that leave you when it comes to how Marketo pricing works? We have a few resources that we think you’d find helpful:

  1. 6 Reasons Marketers Leave Marketo: a great whitepaper all about the most common reasons we see marketers leave Marketo (and come to platforms like us). PLUS, it includes a real, side-by-side comparison of what one of our customers was quoted from Marketo versus what they ended up paying when they joined Net-Results.
  2. Marketo Pricing Report: This document outlines a lot of ways that Marketo structures its pricing and gives a high-level overview of what you can expect while going through the Marketo Pricing journey.

I hope you found those resources super helpful and that they brought some light to how Marketo Pricing works!

To your success!
Sarah Augustinsky
Marketing at Net-Results

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Sarah Augustinsky

Marketing Automation Expert and Consultant