What an awesome question (and one that a lot of people aren’t thinking about!).

So how do you optimize a conversion funnel? 4 easy steps:

  1. Define the steps in your conversion funnel
  2. Gather data on conversion rates between each step
  3. Identify the bottlenecks in your funnel using the gathered data
  4. Experiment with methods of getting your bottlenecks unblocked

I identified a critical bottleneck in our conversion funnel, attacked it with automation (that triggers manual intervention if the automation fails to move the prospect along the path after a set number of days), and substantially reduced the percentage of prospects that get stuck at that point in our funnel.

We actually wrote about our process for optimizing conversion funnels and created an awesome PDF that goes super in-depth into this topic! If you’re really serious about optimizing your conversion funnel, you can down it here or download it by clicking on the image below.

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Michael Ward

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