Here are three things I would touch on if you want to market your B2B well during a demo presentation:

Solve a specific problem

In order to stand out, don’t try to fix the world’s problems. At the same time, don’t just build a product, because you have an idea you think is awesome. Instead, try to figure out an actual problem people are having.

Salesforce became big, because companies were having a real problem with on-premise software installations. Slack became big, because employees were drowning in emails. Apple became big, because personal computers were complicated.

Fix an actual problem. Don’t just try to push your idea, because it’s your idea.

Solve it better than anyone else

Sometimes, someone else has already come up with a solution for a problem you want to solve. That’s okay – you can still solve it better.

Take Salesforce. Nobody can argue they’re not successful – but their platform is hardly a user-friendly, small business CRM anymore. Therefore, there are now a myriad of easier to use CRM platforms that compete with Salesforce.

You can solve the same problem – just let your presentation show how your solution is superior.

Tell them why you’re special

People like stories and people like personality. Talk about you, your business and why you’re special. Include your story, your struggles. Give your product a face and a background.

These three things come together in Net-Results. It’s a marketing automation solution, solving a real pain: it’s very hard to be relevant to prospects if you have to respond to them manually.

We think we do it better than our competitors: our platform is easier to use than, say, Pardot or Marketo and we include unlimited live support.

Finally, we’re bootstrapped and haven’t taken on outside funding. We answer only to our customers, not to spreadsheets. That’s personality.

Come check out our brand new whitepaper about why people are failing at marketing automation and how you can do it better.

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