I hate to break it to ya but…September is just around the corner! And you know what that means?

It’s time to start planning and strategizing for 2023!

Every September, I do a deep dive into the upcoming trends for digital marketing, so this week, I thought it’d be a great idea to share a few things that I’ve found for email marketing.

So get cozy and let’s discuss what 2023 will bring (along with actionable tips!) for email marketing.

1. Understand the importance of email marketing

As of 2022, 89% of marketers say email is their primary lead generation strategy, and without a doubt, that percentage is sure to go up in 2023.

Social media will always have a dog in the fight, but email marketing is undeniably the most important place to allocate your best and brightest talent, content, and messaging.

Don’t believe me just yet? Check out a few more of these mindblowing email marketing stats:

Email marketing isn’t slowing down, and you shouldn’t either! There are about 3.5 months until 2023…now’s the perfect time to hone in on your email marketing strategy.

Looking for more info about creating successful email marketing campaigns? Check out our popular blog post, “Do’s & Don’ts for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns.”

2. Invest in data

Personalization will continue to be an essential element of your email marketing strategy.

And what’s the best way to personalize effectively?

Leverage expertly curated data to make data-informed decisions!

Accurate data will allow you to better customize and personalize your email marketing campaigns based on your subscribers’ interactions with your business.

To gather accurate, well-rounded data, your best bet is to invest in a marketing automation software system. Not only will this provide you with the reporting/data tools you need, but it will also allow you to segment and personalize your email marketing efforts to your heart’s content.

To learn more about marketing automation and how it can help you achieve solid email marketing data, click here!

3. Incorporate interactivity

Don’t worry…this was a new word for me too 😂

But the definition is quite simple: interactive elements.

And that’s what we’re all about in 2023. People don’t want boring, plain emails anymore. They want to interact with content!

Interactivity is entertaining, yes, but it’s also functional and inspires action. Here are a few interactive element ideas you can incorporate in your 2023 email marketing campaigns:

  • Animated CTA buttons
  • Interactive images like carousels
  • Polls, surveys, quizzes
  • Embedded videos (this includes GIFs!)

Your email recipients want to be a part of the fun — inspire them to take action by incorporating a few of these fun, interactive ideas.

4. You MUST optimize for mobile

We’ve been saying this for a few years now, but in 2023, this is a non-negotiable.

There’s no way around it — emails are viewed FAR more often on a smartphone than a desktop computer. It’s unfortunate in some ways, but that’s the future, yo!

One of the most recent stats from 2019 states that 60% of email opens are from mobile devices — that number has surely increased in the last three years!

Your email marketing efforts must be mobile-friendly in order to convert new customers and keep current ones. Ain’t nobody got time for an email that renders poorly on their cellphone. Those days are over!

This blog post has six great ideas on how to optimize your email marketing for mobile, and pretty soon here, we’ll have a blog post of our own detailing even MORE ways to better optimize your email marketing efforts for mobile.

Stay tuned!

2023 will be here before you know it! Let’s be sure your email marketing efforts are on track for optimal success. If you have any questions or concerns about email marketing or marketing automation, don’t hesitate to schedule a quick, no-commitment, 20-minute chat with our team.

We’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Cheers to your success,

Lexie Robbins

Marketing @ Net-Results

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