Marketing automation software is typically purchased to enhance a company’s communication and marketing strategies. A dominant player in this field is customer engagement. The term “customer engagement” is sort of a lofty umbrella term to define the tools, avenues, and strategies used for communication with customers. 

For marketing efforts, this crucial piece of a larger marketing strategy can be difficult. Customers are oversaturated with the amount of communication they receive from thousands of companies every single day. 

It can be exceedingly tricky to find out what works (especially long-term). Here’s where marketing automation software comes in handy!

We’ve assembled the top five ways marketing automation helps enhance customer engagement. Let’s get to it!

1. It helps you streamline day-to-day customer communications

Cool, but how does this help enhance customer engagement? 

In the “before days,” (before the creation of marketing automation platforms and CRM systems), marketers had to do everything manually. Entering and updating customer information and data, sending out communication emails, and more. Of course, this took forever, but one of the biggest problems was the increased likelihood of errors and miscommunication.

One of the key components of marketing automation software is the ability to update customer information automatically based on customer behavior and actions, saving major time for marketers and reducing errors. 

Besides, one of the greatest advantages of MA software is the ability to set up campaigns to run automatically, so emails and other forms of engagement are sent strategically, rather than in a “flying by the seat of your pants” mentality. 

Marketing automation streamlines actions that used to take up precious time. As a result, this increase in efficiency allows marketing teams to focus on increased strategy, compelling marketing messages and campaigns, and bettering their customer journey as a whole. 

Efficiency FTW!

2. Marketing automation enables you to nurture customers via personalization

The email marketing and segmentation capabilities in marketing automation platforms allow marketers to send simple communication emails as well as complex campaigns based on pre-defined behaviors, actions, data, and more (here at Net-Results, segmentation is the backbone of our entire platform!). 

Thanks to these fancy tools, marketing automation gives you the ability to personalize your communications for each step of the customer journey. (When it comes to closing deals, this is a must-have feature.)

Your marketing team will be able to deliver the right content to potential customers through each leg of their journey and ultimately increase the likelihood of conversion. 

But personalization doesn’t stop once this prospect becomes a customer! Sending out relevant, thought-driven, and personalized content to current customers will work to enhance and strengthen your customer engagement as a whole. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

3. It provides key analytics and data

Marketing automation is more than just a time-saving tool—it can be a major source of customer data and reporting.

Marketing automation allows for real-time tracking and alerts through embedded code (like the Net-Results Tracking Beacon, UTM, webhooks, and more.).

Thanks to these nifty attributes, MA software records email opens, clicks, page visits, form submissions, and more! These reporting tools help your team understand who your customers are, what types of content they enjoy, and what communication channels work for them. 

And remember that segmentation thing we mentioned earlier? This valuable customer data and reporting ensures your team’s ability to make data-driven decisions for future communications and campaigns. “Gut feeling” isn’t going to move the needle for most marketing teams—it’s time to rely on the cold, hard numbers (data!) when it comes to what your customers want from you and your brand.

4. MA helps build brand loyalty

What’s better than a one-time customer? A lifelong customer! Marketing automation helps to build a long-term relationship with your customers, which in this day and age, is vital for a company’s success. How? Your MA software allows you to offer valuable promotional and educational content for customers as they make their way through their customer journey. This offers you the chance to position your organization and brand as a thought leader in your space and industry, furthering trust and advocacy from your customers. 

In reference to point #1, marketing automation streamlines and automates the day-to-day, meaning you’re able to focus on content that will give your brand an edge over the competition. Generate content and communications that are of value to your customers and you’ll have a customer for life!

Marketing automation is a diverse software tool with limitless potential. Here at Net-Results, we consider our platform to be the swiss-army knife of the marketing automation world—we can do it all! 

When it comes to enhancing customer engagement, we’re here to help. As a bonus, check out our free download of the new Customer Journey Worksheets! These worksheets will not only help with your customer engagement struggles, but they’ll also help your team dive deeper into the journey of your prospective and current customers.

Get out there and enhance your customer engagement with marketing automation software (preferably Net-Results, but you do you!).

Happy Marketing!

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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