While plenty of marketing automation companies provide useful resources to learn more about marketing automation, it’s incredibly useful when you are looking for a solution to see what actual customers have to say. Below are 4 very useful software review sites where you can learn more about marketing automation, including what users of each of the most popular platforms have to say.
G2 Crowd provides an excellent matrix and side-by-side marketing automation comparison tool across 13 different product/company attributes. Marketing automation company listings are a solid mix of user generated content and reviews, combined with outlines of the product provided by marketing automation companies themselves. Here’s Net-Results G2Crowd listing so you can see the kind of in-depth detail provided.
TrustRadius also provides in-depth software reviews with a mix of vendor comparison tools. If you are researching marketing automation platforms, you can find hundreds of reviews by existing (and past) customers of all the top platforms. Reviews are categorized by Most Helpful and Most Critical, as well as showing aggregate scores across 6 main feature categories. Here’s a sample review page for you to get an understanding of the kind of in-depth details available on TrustRadius.
Like the previous two, GetApp provides a software comparison site with reviews, product information and more. It has a nice “Faceted Search” option on its listing page so that people evaluating marketing automation (and other apps) can filter more deeply on their specific requirements. It’s more basic than TrustRadius and G2Crowd’s in-depth analysis, however, it gets significantly more visitors than the former 2 sites so they’ve done a good job providing and promoting their site as a resource. Check out a sample listing here.
On Capterra, you can find a long list of marketing automation companies along with a limited faceted search option, as well. Each individual listing page tells you more about the platform, including feature sets, pricing, and more. It all includes a collection of customer reviews, outlining the pros and cons of the software. It’s a good place to find your potential options and get a basic overview of products. Click here to check out what a company’s listing looks like.
At Net-Results, we know how important it is for businesses looking for marketing automation to get real feedback from current users. We’ve made sure to get our customers to review us on all of the sites above so people shopping can better understand our platform and how people have been successful with it.
After you read some reviews, let us know if you have more questions.

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