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Listen & Connect

Monitor keywords, mentions, company pages & more. Easily follow & join social conversations that impact your brand.

Schedule & Publish

Schedule content distribution for any day or time to multiple LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter social profiles.

Measure & Succeed

Track clicks, conversions and engagement for every post, message and profile. See which social activities are driving results.

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Start engaging with your fans on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook with the social media productivity tool you’ve been missing

Screenshot: Oktopost Listen

Listen & Connect

Track Twitter favorites, retweets, mentions, lists, and keywords

Receive and reply to comments on any of your posts

Monitor LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google company pages

Like Facebook and LinkedIn posts

Curate content recommendations based on preference

Screenshot: Oktopost Publish

Schedule & Publish

Geo-target posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Company Pages

Save time with automatic link shortening

Drag and drop calendar rescheduling

Segment team members’ access to campaigns and social profiles

Customize UTM parameters

Screenshot: Oktopost Report

Measure & Succeed

Track clicks, conversions, comments, and likes

View analytics per profile, message, or campaign

Export data to any format, including Excel, PDF, or CSV

Capture and save information for any social lead

Sync lead and social data directly with Net-Results

Net-Results’ UI coupled with the fact that you get a COMPLETE package of capabilities ranks them on the top of the marketing automation list for me.

– Dylan W., via G2 Crowd

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