RSS Email Automation Integration

Deliver your latest blogs, social posts and content automatically with RSS Email Automation through our integration with FeedOtter.

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Automatically deliver your latest content

FeedOtter scans your blog (or other feeds like LinkedIn and Instagram) and automatically creates great-looking, responsive emails in Net-Results. And it can send those emails to your subscribers on a schedule you set!

  • Easily define your email recipients based on your Net-Results List
  • Automatically send your digests
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • When you publish a new blog post
    • Or On Demand!

Easily Customizable Email Templates

Choose from a variety of carefully designed templates for your RSS emails. Newsletters, digest, product catalogs, system alerts, and job postings — our templates make on-brand RSS email setup a breeze! Want to inject banner ads, first name text, or custom greetings? Use a Net-Results merge token to customize your emails even further.

All templates allow you to:

  • Upload a company logo
  • Customize the primary, secondary, and button colors to match your brand
  • Define the number of word/characters each post blurb should display
  • Enter your company social media profiles to display icons

Ensure Quality Every Time

Leave no stone unturned with campaign statistics directly in the Net-Results platform. Plus, ensure quality every time with FeedOtter’s automatic image resizing so your graphics look perfect in every email you send — no more stretching, shrinking, or missing images! 

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