Case Study: Revolutionized Lead Management

Case Study: Zia Consulting

How Zia Consulting Revolutionized Its Lead Management with Marketing Automation

For the first decade of Zia Consulting’s existence, business was generated through word-of-mouth and close partner relationships. However the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry grew rapidly, competition increased substantially and customer expectations evolved. Something needed to change, and quickly.

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To meet these realities head on, Zia chose to transform not only their ECM offerings, but also their overall approach to lead management. They chose Net-Results’ marketing automation platform, integrated it with their CRM system, and saw immediate results while they worked on implementing long-term processes.

By implementing Net-Results marketing automation and integrating with their CRM, Zia now regularly pulls in 50 new leads per month and has implemented lead scoring to vastly improve sales’ effectiveness and efficiency.

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