Automated List Management

Having clean data will revolutionize your conversion rates.

Clean, Accurate List Management

Campaign with Confidence

Know that the right prospects are on the right lists at all times. Use your lists with confidence.

Set It And Forget It

Net-Results will monitor prospect behavior and CRM changes 24/7 and make the list membership changes you desire.

Monitor List Growth

Dreamy dashboards bring complete clarity to the growth of your marketing lists.

All the Features You Need

  • Upload contacts and add them to one or more lists with ease
  • Create an unlimited number of lists
  • Each list can have an unlimited number of members
  • Automatically add prospects to one or more lists when they submit a form
  • Trigger the addition or removal of a contact from a list based on their actions
  • Automatic de-duplication prevents a contact from receiving the same email more than once
  • Include your entire list of Prospects but exclude your list of Competitors in a Campaign or Segment
  • Download a spreadsheet of list members any time you like
  • API calls allow you to control list membership and keep Net-Results in sync with 3rd party tools

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