Net-Results Sub-Processor List

This page documents a current list of sub-processors authorized to process personal data for Net-Results’ services. Net-Results vets sub-processors via performance of due diligence on information security practices and data protection compliance and requires each to commit to written obligations regarding their security controls and applicable regulations for the protection of personal data.


Amazon Webservices, Inc. United States
SendGrid, Inc. United States


Subscribing to Updates to the Sub-processor List

To subscribe to updates to Net-Results’ Sub-processor List, please send an email to with a subject line that reads “Subscribe Me to Sub-Processor Updates”.


Requesting More Information about a Sub-processor

To receive more information on a sub-processor regarding its role for Net-Results and its security controls, including third party security reports or certifications, please send an email to


Objecting to a Sub-processor

An objection to a sub-processor can be made by sending an email to with subject line “Sub-Processor Objection” Please include in your email your name, company name, the sub-processor you are objecting to, and the legitimate data protection grounds for your objection (in accordance with Section 5 of the Net-Results Data Processing Addendum).