lead scoring marketing automation

Surface Your Quality Leads

Your best prospects behave differently than low quality leads. Let Net-Results spot them for you and give you a heads up.

Three Dimensional Lead Scoring

Score prospect activity, engagement and lead qualification.

activity score for lead scoring

Activity Score

Active prospects convert at higher rates. Get alerted to leads whose activity velocity is increasing quickly.

engagement score for lead scoring

Engagement Score

Highly engaged prospects deserve your attention. Know which leads are proactively seeking out information about you.

contact score for lead scoring

Contact Score

Score leads on the likelihood they are a decision maker and give scoring preference to leads that meet firmographic requirements.

Establish Trust with Sales

Ensure that each lead you send to sales is well qualified and will be accepted. Net-Results’ exclusive Segment-Driven Lead Score Overlays give you the flexibility to score based on what makes sense for your organization.

 Unmatched control over lead qualification thresholds

 Manually update a contact’s lead score

 Complete and easy to follow lead score history for every prospect

 Receive alerts when a lead hits a scoring threshold, changes funnel stages, or is nearing a milestone

 All lead score data, reporting, alerts, and dashboards are available from within your CRM

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