Marketing automation implementation can be a tough nut to crack for a variety of reasons. (We made a Marketing Automation Implementation Guide because we got so many questions about it!)

But back to the question — which marketing automation companies offer the shortest implementation period?

Data from marketers like you at G2 Crowd would say Net-Results Marketing Automation. 74% of Net-Results customers report going live within 1 month! To compare, that’s versus Marketo users, who average 3 months, and Pardot users, who go live in an average of 2 months.

Just take a moment and imagine what you could do with an extra month of marketing automation implementation. (Hint: that big project you’ve been wanting to complete would be one month closer to being completed!) You can check out our G2 Marketing Automation Comparison Report to this data and more.

There are a couple reasons that Net-Results users go live so much more quickly than users of other marketing automation platforms:

1. Usability

Marketing automation platforms are large platforms with a lot of functionality and with that comes a certain level of complexity. One of the reasons that so many marketers find themselves stuck in the implementation phase is the lack of user-friendliness.

Maybe it’s that the platform requires marketers to understand a programming language in order to create landing page templates (Net-Results requires no coding knowledge to build awesome landing pages). Then the marketer has to talk to IT to get the page coded and then if any copy or graphics need to be changed, the cycle repeats. That’s just an example – there are many more aspects of certain marketing automation platforms that aren’t as easy to use as marketers would want. All of that leads to a longer implementation period!

2. Superior Customer Support

Customer support is critical during implementation and during your time as a customer of a marketing automation platform! It’s commonly cited as a reason to move away from certain platforms — I won’t name names 😉 Getting gooNot only does live customer support from Marketo cost extra – it is also frequently not as good as customers would want.

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Sarah Augustinsky

Marketing Automation Expert and Consultant