Working at a bootstrapped company, you learn to be smart with your budget. Here are some of the less budget-intensive strategies we’ve tried:

  1. Content marketing. Since we have a great writer and an awesome designer in our team, we can produce good content internally. The Net-Results library is filled with content that does really well with whoever sees it.
  2. Blogging. Kind of content marketing as well, but okay. So, what we do:
    1. We answer questions on Quora. We repost these on our blog. We also send them out as sent out as individual, bite-sized emails to our mailing list.
    2. We target specific phrases on Google and write articles to rank. We look for either keywords that aren’t that competitive yet. Or we try and mimic really high-ranking posts.
  3. Build media relationships. Again, content-focused. We try to work together with digital media outlets (blogs, influencers) to provide them with great content. This helps us get our name out there as a source of expertise in our market.
  4. Partnerships. Being a software company, working with agencies that sell our product helps us get in front of many potential customers. This doesn’t cost any money, just time and the willingness to make your partners happy.
  5. Organize (small) events. I’m not talking big, day-long events. But throwing a party or doing something that attracts attention doesn’t cost much. Sharing knowledge during a lunch and learn, organize happy hours… low budget tactics that can you in touch with people and prospects.

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Henrik Becker

Marketing Automation Consultant