In our never ending work to improve Net-Results, we focus on “themes” – longer term projects to deliver big features and improvements.

Today, in addition to announcing several improvements and bug fixes, we thought we’d provide some visibility into the themes we’re currently working on.

  • New Capabilities with Dynamic Content in Emails
    While you can leverage dynamic content in Net-Results emails now, we’ve been hard at work on a whole new level of dynamic content capability. Teams across Net-Results are excited about what they’ve seen and what’s coming. It’s looking like global release will likely land in early Q2!

  • Dynamic Website Content
    We were honored to learn that one of our long-term partners was developing a great experience for delivering dynamic content for websites and Net-Results landing pages. We were even happier when they invited us to join them in the effort. We’re expecting this to be an option available to all Net-Results customers in Q2 as well!

  • Reporting Center
    We’ve just rolled out the first iteration of a new “Reporting Center” where you are able to download large .csv files generated by Contact Exports and any scheduled Reports.

    This provides a means to pull reports of unlimited size without the need to interact with Net-Results’ (industry leading) Customer Success team.

    We’ll soon be adding more reporting capabilities including:
    • The ability to choose which fields are included in Contact Exports
    • A new Landing Page report type that details key landing page metrics and interactions
    • Enhancements to Campaign reports including the ability to have results broken out by List membership

We anticipate that we’ll continue on the Dynamic Content and Reporting themes through some time around the end of April. One of our next themes is Campaign Capabilities with exciting changes planned for the months ahead!

In the meantime, we’ve got a batch of updates and improvements to tell you about, so let’s start with some cool changes in Reporting…

  • Contact Exports and Report Results can now be downloaded as a .csv file.
    If your Contact Export or Report ends up including bagillions of Contacts, the csv attachment can easily be too large to send via email.

    In the past, you’d have to contact our (amazing) Customer Success team and they would pull your report and make a download available to your via Google Drive or similar. So archaic…And no more!

    All of your Contact Exports, Immediate Reports, and Scheduled Reports are now available for you to download directly from the “Report Results” page. The downloads here remain available for 30 days after which they’re gone.

    You’ll find that your email notifications have started linking to Report Results page as well.

  • We taught our popular Contact Export tool a new trick: it can now handle exports that include “drop down” custom fields – both “standard” downs and multi-select drop downs.

  • While we’re on the topic, it wasn’t long ago that we made it possible to create your own “Drop Down” fields in Net-Results. We’re happy to let you know that you are now able to use your Drop Down fields in Net-Results Forms!

    Prospects and customers submitting forms can now adjust drop down field values on their Contact records directly.

    You can also mass update drop down field values via .csv file upload or using the Net-Results API.

  • We improved the behavior of fields in Net-Results Forms when using Progressive Profiling in combination with the “Always Display” option (that forces a given field to be displayed even when a value for that field is already known).
    We’re pretty happy with the net result here (ha! see what we did there…) in that forms now behave exactly as one would expect them to when using these settings in various combinations.

  • We added the ability to label or “name” the Facebook Pages you have integrated with Net-Results for social posting purposes.

    Some customers scheduling posts to multiple facebook pages were finding it tough to differentiate between accounts. This should help 

  • We updated the Net-Results WordPress plugin to support the latest 5.x release of WordPress.

    This plugin can be used to
    • Automatically inject the Net-Results tracking beacon javascript into all pages of your WordPress site/blog. No need to custom code or modify theme files!
    • Add Net-Results Forms directly into any area of your WordPress theme that supports Widgets. Again, no coding required.

  • We improved the behavior of aspects of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 data sync.
  • We improved the logic that aggregates campaign statistics on an hourly basis. These optimizations sped up processing on our end substantially. The result is more reliable metrics on dashboards that leverage pre-aggregated data.
  • We observed that, when changing settings for CRM syncs, the “Syncs Enabled” check box was commonly left unchecked. We’ve added a helpful warning that will remind you to make sure syncs are enabled when hitting Save in this area.

  • We enhanced the “Save As” feature in Campaigns: Any “Send Webhook” actions and their settings are now faithfully duplicated along with the Campaign.

  • We released a new API method to support the soon-to-arrive Dynamic Web Content tool. This new API method is optimized is all about speed as that’s what’s required when rendering content dynamically on your website.

    The new method is not documented as it’s for “private” use currently. We mention here so that any customers or partners working on dynamic use cases can ping us for more information. Ping away!

  • Estimating Campaign Participants Now Breaks Out Mailable and Non-Mailable Contacts

    So why would non-mailable Contacts even qualify for a Campaign? Because Net-Results Campaigns can be used to do much more than send emails!

    Campaigns are commonly used to sync Contact Records to CRM, manage List membership, and to handle data-cleansing tasks (like changing all Contacts with the title of “VP” to “Vice President”).

    Campaigns of this nature operate on all Contacts that qualify for your Campaign, not only the “mailable” Contacts. It’s for this reason that we’re now showing the count for both mailable and non-mailable Contacts.

    If this one surprised you, it may be time to think about some additional ways you can leverage the Net-Results platform! (We’re happy to help:)

  • New: Segment on Dropdown Multi-Select fields in Net-Results
    You can now apply And/Or Logic to Multi-Select Fields. Let’s say you form asks customers their top 3 needs as they relate to your product or service. Now you can create a segment based on which 3 needs were chosen and recorded in your Dropdown Multi-Select field. This applies to Contact, Account, and Custom Objects in Net-Results.

  • We improved the function of our website visitor tracking beacon.
    Specifically, if you delete from Net-Results a Contact who has previously been tracked on your website, and that person then returns to  your website… the tracking beacon now handles this circumstance cleanly, issuing the visitor a new unique ID, rather than attempting to leverage the old one.

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