Another busy week down! By now, many of our customers have already been reaping the metrics of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns. In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying a few successes of our own.
We’re happy to share a few of them including:
Marketo Migration Tool
If you’ve already been using Net-Results for a while now, this may not seem quite as exciting, but we’re pretty jazzed! We’ve created a Marketo Migration Tool that transitions email content from Marketo, automatically creating Custom HTML emails in Net-Results! We’re happy to help people walk away from the dark side and come to the light 😉
Updated Campaign Launch Times
Campaign launch times can now be scheduled in increments of 5 minutes instead of 15, allowing greater flexibility. We understand that Marketing is craft and your campaigns are carefully honed, not just down to the “what,” but also to the “when.”
Easily Import Data to Dropdown Fields via CSV and API  
We recently introduced Dropdown and Dropdown Multi-Selects as new Custom Field types. Now you can easily import data to those fields via CSV import or using an API call! More on that here.
Increased Email Pipeline Capacity
Growing pains exposed the need for increased capacity in our “pipeline” that gets your emails out the door quickly. Send more faster. We’re always looking at ways to enhance your experience and ensure you are getting the most out of Net-Results.
Overhauled Interface for CRM iFrames
You may notice that the Net-Results iframes that appear when viewing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts in your integrated CRM have been completely overhauled. What might this portend you ask? That’s right, we’re gearing up for big changes within the Net-Results platform itself – ongoing improvements in usability, intuitiveness, and, yes, attractiveness will play out throughout 2019.
The Pulse Applies the “All Contacts” Segment at All Times
We discovered a sneaky little bug that was carrying over Segments that had been applied in other parts of the instance to The Pulse. Now, The Pulse will always display data based on the “All Contacts” segment. This not only ensures that there is no unintentional filtering of the data you’re presented with, it also ensures that the The Pulse loads as fast as possible.
Improved Error Handling in Reports
The devil is in the details, and those details are important as anyone concerned with data-hygiene can tell you. We’re now providing more insight into data errors by calling them out clearly in your scheduled reports. Reports will now come with attached CSVs that specify invalid values and/or contacts.
Website Visit Monitoring Improvement
We’ve ensured that a new contact is created when your website receives a visitor who was previously associated with a now deleted contact file.
Clarifying the Language Around Perpetual Campaigns  
Perpetual campaigns continuously look for qualified participants ready to start on their campaign journey. We’ve updated the language on the campaign settings tab to reflect this. Now, users will see “Send Upon Qualification” instead of a specific launch date.

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