And just like that, another month has come and gone and we have some incredible announcements to share with you (Attribution Reporting, anyone?). This month was juicy and filled with some outstanding work on the Product-end of things, so let’s jump right into it!

Remember, to learn more about Goldilocks by Net-Results, visit this blog post. It provides all of the info you need to make the most of the next-gen of Net-Results Marketing Automation.

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Goldilocks Enhancements

Attribution Dashboard is now LIVE!

The Attribution Dashboard provides valuable insights, helping you understand what is and is not working to drive marketing and sales outcomes, and it’s available in Goldilocks right now!

Quickly learn about Marketing Channels, Sources, and “Touches” in our Marketing Attribution in Goldilocks Knowledge Base article. This article acts as a helpful guide to get you up to speed and help you ensure that prospect interactions with your marketing content are categorized correctly.

We also have some great explainer videos you can watch without leaving the Attribution Dashboard. Those same videos are also available in the Knowledge Base!

Ability to Apply Segments to the Contacts Table

This brings over more ability to view specific segments as needed. You’ll also notice the table this data is displayed on has a new look and some new abilities that give you more control over its appearance. It’s super user-friendly, as well.

Applying Segments to Contacts gives you the same ability as in Net-Results Classic and it’s a start toward our next generation of reporting called “Views.” For convenience, these are precompiled. Meaning, once you’ve compiled the data once, it will be available for viewing after the fact. This introduction is just the starting point. Future Views will also include the ability to choose the columns you see.

New & Improved Date Range Picker

We’ve upgraded the Date Range Picker that appears on many dashboards & tables in Goldilocks.

It’s being rolled out all across the app and is already working in many places such as The Pulse (our homepage). We hope you enjoy the more convenient experience this provides! As usual, please be sure to email for any and all feedback!

Automation Performance Dashboard: Export as Excel

Net-Results Classic has long provided the ability to download the data you see on the Automation Performance dashboard as an Excel File. This ability has now been carried over onto the new platform. 

Issues Resolved

Net-Results Classic

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the creation of contacts from here with email domains such as .agency.
  • Fixed an issue where recent (within a few hours) changes made in the Email Builder might not have been reflected in sent Conversation Emails.

Goldilocks by Net-Results

  • Fixed a bug where disabling or re-enabling lead scoring rules would not appropriately stop or resume scoring based on that rule.
  • Fixed a bug with the initial form setup that prevented the cloning of new forms before “Save” was pressed on the “Actions” page of the form.

Both Goldilocks & Net-Results Classic

  • Fixed the ability to access the File Manager from the Drag & Drop Landing Page Editor.

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