That’s right, y’all — Platform Updates are back!

Moving forward, we expect to publish monthly Platform Updates. These updates will include updates for our new and improved platform Goldilocks, as well as fixes and resolved issues in Classic (our OG platform that’s still being used).

If you have any clarifying questions about an update or a resolved issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated CSM or email us at

Goldilocks Enhancements

Marketing Contribution Dashboard

Great news for our customers who use Net-Results’ Salesforce Integration!

The new Marketing Contribution Dashboard presents your Won Opportunities from your Salesforce CRM. The Marketing Contribution Dashboard provides information on how each person from these Opportunities interacted with your Net-Results Automations (Campaigns), Landing Pages, Forms, PDF Downloads, Videos, and more. The Net-Results activity presented begins 6 months before

When you navigate to this Marketing Contribution Dashboard (under Reporting > Dashboards), you’ll notice a badge reading “Net-Results Labs.” This is to show that the feature is experimental — or a work in progress. Eventually, the Marketing Contribution Dashboard will allow you to “drill down” on this data, and see specific contacts.

Improved Avatar Experience

Contacts and Users will display a gravatar picture wherever possible. Now, avatars with initials display for Contacts and Users without such a photo. The same goes for Accounts!

Classic Enhancements

Form Submission: URL displayed when possible

Wherever we have recorded the URL a form submission came from, we display this information. This URL is shown in the Contact’s Form Submission activity stream entry as well as on the Form Submissions tab in the Form Builder.

Issues Resolved

Net-Results Classic

  • We have fixed the ability to change the Account related to an existing CRM contact.
  • We’ve removed HTML-encoded characters from all API responses (example: & now correctly displays as &).
  • We fixed an issue with the LeadScoreOverlay::getAdjustments API method returning an error when called frequently.

Goldilocks by Net-Results // Segment Builder

  • We’ve fixed the ability to segment multiselect custom fields, account industry, account type, and account status.
  • We fixed Account Data not being displayed in the Contact Details tab.

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