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Goldilocks Enhancements

Folder Selection Memorization

When viewing Campaigns, Emails, Segments, or Lists, you can filter these items by folder. If you navigate away from these pages and then come back later, these pages will remember your folder selection (where possible) so you can pick up right where you left off!

Pretty nifty, huh?

Global Segments Page

We have officially added the ability to move Segments to a Folder as well as add a column for the segment’s description in the table.

In the Segment Builder, we reduced the amount of vertical space a single condition takes up to make the page less overwhelming. Thanks to our users for the feedback that led to these changes!

And remember, should you have any feedback about our new platform, Goldilocks, please be sure to fill out our Feedback Form or email our Customer Success team at

Conditional Actions

Conditional Actions are a new feature that will be available exclusively in Goldilocks.

Your existing Net-Results Classic Forms will be able to work with this feature, but the conditional actions will only be viewable & configurable through the new Goldilocks platform. 

Here’s an example to showcase how these Conditional Actions can be used:

One of your contacts submits a form. Depending on what information they provided in the form (i.e. location, job title, age, etc.), you’ll be able to implement Conditional Actions such as adding/removing the contact from lists or campaigns.

That’s right — your marketing efforts just got more targeted and personalized! For more information on use cases or how to use Conditional Actions, reach out to our Customer Success team at

Issues Resolved

Net-Results Classic

  • Immediate, Single-Campaign Reports now send notifications to the specified users when completed.
  • We’ve fixed a performance issue where larger Single-Campaign Reports previously failed.
  • We fixed an issue where some properly provisioned landing page domains were incorrectly saying CNAME setup was still required.

Goldilocks by Net-Results

  • Emails Datagrid now correctly sorts by the “Name / Subject” column.
  • Drop-down options are no longer required to be 2+ characters. Just one will do now!
  • The number of employees is no longer required to create an Account.

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