Happy (almost) spring and welcome back to the Net-Results blog! Today we’re walking you through some recent enhancements and updates to the Net-Results platform.

Our team has accomplished so much throughout the month of February and we’re excited to share our progress with you!

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February 2021 Updates:

Show ’em that smiling face! Introducing dynamic headshots in email signatures.

It’s common to use Personalized Fields to make an automated email appear to come from the “Lead Owner” assigned in Net-Results or your connected CRM platform.

In addition to the lead owner’s first & last name, title, email, and phone, you can now dynamically include the lead owner’s headshot/photo using a new Personalized Field. Want to give it a try? Read the details in the Knowledge Base.

New default view for the contact activity stream

The Activity Stream details nearly all the actions and interactions between your Contact and your content.

We noticed many of you changing from the “Customer Journey” view (which has been the default) to the “All Activities” view, so we’ve made All Activities the new default.

What do you think of this change? Let us know!

By popular demand: A change in subject lines for test emails

When sending a test from the Email Builder, the emails you receive have had their subject prefixed with “Net-Results Preview Html email”.

We’ve had some requests to change this so that the part of the subject line that lets you know it’s a test email comes at the end. The feedback we’ve received is that seeing the subject line begin as intended helps you better judge that test.

We’ve made a change such that subject lines in test emails are no longer prefixed, but will have “(Net-Results Preview HTML Email)” appended to the end of the subject line.

When segmenting on List membership, we noticed that archived Lists were appearing in the searchable drop down. This adds clutter. You’ll find that this searchable drop down now only includes “active” (non-archived) Lists.

Easier API interactions

As we’ve done with several API methods in recent months, we’ve made it so you may retrieve a Contact’s first visit and most recent visit by passing that Contact’s email address or their unique contact_id. The choice is yours!

Improved contact export compression process

The contact export compression process was improved for exports with attachments larger than 20mb. This reduces issues with email providers’ attachment size limits.

Issues Resolved:

  • We resolved an issue that in some cases prevented the proper creation of Account relationships between CRM and Net-Results. This improves both segmentation and data sync integrity.
  • For emails leveraging dynamic content, we resolved an issue that could prevent recipient groups from receiving the email as intended. This was an obscure issue that had not been seen before and the impact was highly limited.
  • We resolved an issue that arose when segmenting on the date of Contact creation.
  • We fixed an errant link to “view qualified” Contacts on the Campaign Performance dashboard.
  • Some issues were resolved related to managing SMS/Text Messages in the platform.

Thank you so much for stopping by! We hope you enjoy these new updates and enhancements!

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