Funnel Acceleration

Funnel Acceleration

Increase Funnel Velocity and Give Revenue a Boost

More Customers, Faster

Get Better Acquainted with Your Funnel

With Net-Results, you never need to guess at how your funnel is performing or whether the right leads are advancing to the next stage.

3 Levels of Lead Scoring

Advanced lead scoring ensures a lead is truly qualified before progressing to the next stage.

Funnel Forecast

Understand the health of your sales and marketing funnel. Stop guessing at next quarter projections.

Send the Right Message, to the Right Lead, at the Right Time

Accelerate leads through the funnel by sending messages so targeted, your leads will think they were handcrafted on the spot.

Send Relevant Follow Ups

Send personalized emails that are relevant to a contact's activities.

Segment Without Restrictions

Segment any which way. Net-Results offers the deepest segmentation on the market.

Incredibly Versatile Nurturing

Create as many nurture workflows as you can fit on a whiteboard. More, actually.

Ready to take us out for a spin?

See firsthand why so many marketers are making the switch to Net-Results.

An Incredible Value

Net-Results is the most affordable, full-featured marketing automation platform.