I can’t speak for marketing managers in general, but I can tell you what the questions are that I’m trying to answer. Context: I’m in charge of marketing for a B2B SaaS product.

  1. How do I get our product in front of more eyeballs?

    We aren’t the biggest in our space and we’re bootstrapped (which means we chose not to raise money). That means I have a limited budget available to buy ads, etc. Which means I am constantly thinking of cost-effective ways to increase awareness of our brand – we’ve noticed that once people do talk to us, they often like what they see and hear.
  2. What’s the best use of my budget?

    Heavily related to question 1. While my marketing budget grows as the company grows, my life is one of making choices. Do I spend more on ads? Do I buy sponsorships at events? How do I decide? Well, at the end of the day, I decide on ROI as much as I can. I look at how much I spent on an effort and how many qualified leads we got from it. 

    Now, unfortunately, it’s not always possible to measure the direct outcome of an effort. In which cases I will make an educated guess.
  3. What should we be working on right now?

    Bootstrapped also means I don’t have the funds to hire unlimited personnel. We have to purposeful in what we do. Many of our peeps are multi-talented. Most important of all is that we always keep sight of our goals and our roadmap. As a team leader, I set the priorities and make sure we stay on track. As long as we keep executing our strategy, we will continue to see success.

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Henrik Becker

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