Marketing automation has been around for about a decade now – and it hasn’t changed in its core. Yes, there’s new technology and features. But in the core, marketing automation is still about generating revenue.

Or is it?

Here’s one trend we keep saying seeing at Net-Results Marketing Automation(where we compete with platforms like Pardot and Marketo on a daily basis): a continued focus on features over use case and strategy.

Marketers almost never come to us and say “we’ve got this problem we’re trying to solve, how can you help me do it?”. Instead, they show up with their laundry list of features. Because just like buying a car, once you start comparing platform, you want the most out of it.

And that’s fair enough, except it’s not why you should be buying marketing automation software. If you’re focused on features, that shows you’re just shopping for a shiny tool and not looking for a real solution.

Marketing automation software should be about helping you generate qualified opportunities and sales. Sure, an easy email builder helps. But the ability to upload custom fonts (yes, we get that question) isn’t going to move the needle?

What is? A platform geared towards generating revenue by helping you identify buying behavior from your prospects (and launching sales into the battle). Building relationships with prospects not ready to buy yet. And a company that understands those things and will help you get there – instead of selling you more features.

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Henrik Becker

Marketing Automation Consultant