Campaign Tagging allows you to easily customize the set of campaigns that are included your Campaign Dashboard.

This provides a high degree of flexibility and insight, helping you to understand the performance of your lead nurturing and drip email campaigns across arbitrary segments of your marketing operations.

Tagging Your Campaigns

You can easily add tags to your campaigns on the Campaign Settings tab – both during creation and when modifying existing campaigns.

Add as many tags as you like. Net-Results will show you existing tags as you type to help prevent mis-spellings and near misses.

You can also tag your campaigns by clicking on the tag icon in “My Campaigns”.

The search/filter capability has been enhanced as well. Now when you search for campaigns, Net-Results will search on tags & campaign names. This makes it easier than ever to find campaigns to duplicate or modify.

Using Tags on the Campaign Dashboard

Applying tags to filter results on the Campaign Dashboard is easy – it’s exactly the same as tagging campaigns during setup. Just start typing and Net-Results will help you find the tags you’re looking for. Hit enter/return and the data on your dashboard reloads instantly.

Keeping it All Together

Finally, we’ve added an area to “Manage Tags” in the Administration section. This view allows you to see all of your tags and how many campaigns each has been applied to. Click a tag name and you’re taken to a listing of all campaigns that share that tag.

We hope you’ll take advantage of campaign tagging to gain more insight into campaign performance.

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