Here at Net-Results we love puns. Shamelessly, endlessly, until the end of time-ly…
For a while now we’ve had a favorite pun that has transcended the level of office joke into full-blown office mascot: the koala. About now you may be asking yourself, what exactly is so pun-tastic about koalas? Allow me to enlighten you:
High KOAL-ity leads are the best kind, it’s important for sales to focus on KOAL-ified leads, high KOAL-ity content, KOAL-ity marketing strategies tailor content to the buying cycle… and I’m just getting warmed up over here. As it turns out, we use the words “quality” and “qualified” quite a bit in the marketing automation industry, and besides, koala bears are cute.
So now that you know our guilty pleasure, please allow me to introduce our actual office koala.

How the Koala got Started

We started with an innocent social post containing a koala:
Don't lose koala-fied leads
And then things got a little more intense when one of our interns brought this guy in, flower earrings and all:
Koala stuffed animal on couch
Shortly thereafter I was commissioned to sketch our new best friend for the newsletter and the koala craze was born:
An illustrated version of our koala mascot
A few things we’ve found out about koalas:

  • They have very boring lunches. They don’t like peanut butter and banana sandwiches, they aren’t tempted by girl scout cookies, they don’t drink coffee, on the whole, I’m pretty impressed with how well our koala adheres to his eating philosophies. Turns out, they actually only eat eucalyptus leaves, so they’re also vegetarian. Now we have to order lunches that include veggie options.
  • Business casual doesn’t mean anything to koalas. He shows up in nothing but those earrings, every single day.
  • Koalas actually aren’t even related to bears. Just trust me on this one.
  • Koalas have marsupial pouches that face downward. (evolution fail?)
  • Koalas sleep for up to 19 hours. So far afternoons have been a challenge. Let’s just say he’s not our most productive employee.
  • Koalas can run as fast as a rabbit. We haven’t seen this in action yet so we’re a little skeptical, but he sure talks big.

Mostly though, we like him. Idiosyncracies and all.

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