There are a lot of reasons to use marketing automation software, but one of the biggest is to boost your organization’s performance — in more ways than one!

There are some questions that every marketer is probably thinking of at one point or another.

  1. How do I grow a steady pipeline of new business?
  2. How can I accelerate that pipeline?
  3. How do we continue to make customers happy?

Well, when we’re talking about the benefits of marketing automation, you might’ve already guessed that implementing a software like Net-Results can help with all those issues — and more!

By the way, are you new around here and just getting started with automation? Check out our Marketing Automation 101 Whitepaper, which talks about all the basics (and then some) of marketing automation and why you should care as a marketer.

Back to the task at hand and how marketing automation can boost your company’s performance.

When it comes to strategic goals, there are a few that we tend to focus on, both as marketers and business leaders. The top 3 reasons companies are choosing to invest in marketing automation are to increase performance in the areas of:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Lead nurturing
  3. Revenue generation

These automation tools, like Net-Results Marketing Automation, can significantly increase productivity and boost the bottom line of your business by making those three aspects of business easier, more automated, and faster. All of the leads to better performance.

How does marketing automation improve team performance?

Marketing automation increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Imagine a world where every marketer is able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. That’s what marketing automation is helping marketers with every single day.

Marketing automation isn’t about blasting sales emails until the cow comes home (and hopefully the lead converts). Instead, it’s about timing. It allows you, the marketer, to:

  1. Identify leads whose timing is changing to their advantage (so you can engage with the lead and convert them)
  2. Build relationships with leads whose timing is yet to change. (so when they’re ready to start thinking about purchasing, they think of your organization as a great, helpful, and useful solution).

Research even tells us almost 70% of marketers find improved targeting of messages is the most important benefit of marketing automation.

Did we mention that using marketing automation software can also help measure and optimize your team’s performances, leading to less time wasted and more time converting?

Marketing automation improves communication across sales efforts.

One of the top strategies for increasing performance is to consider the whole funnel instead of siloing each department into separate strategies without taking into consideration the customer experience. That’s why we talk so much about how marketing automation really helps not only marketing teams, but sales teams too!

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Organizations thrive when everyone is rowing in the same direction, and marketing automation is all about bridging the gap between marketing and sales and increasing performance in all channels.

How? By allowing both teams to have real visibility into what’s happening on the other side, increasing the quality of (automated) communication. Marketing is able to organize their workflows, keep track of their data, and generate more leads than ever for their sales team. Marketing Automation allows everyone to spend more time on revenue-generating behaviors, like converting leads to customers!

Marketing automation creates scalable efforts that grow with your organization.

What good is a revenue-generating effort if it, at a certain point of growth, no longer becomes a viable option for your organization?

Scalability is a huge decision-making factor for everyone involved in growing a business; everyone from the Digital Marketing Specialist to the CEO should be considering, “how will this work in a year from now when we’ve grown x%?”

The scalability of marketing automation is one of the key reasons that it’s so important to implement early and well. Because of all these desires and issues only grow with your business:

  • Optimized productivity, saving both time and money
  • Increased marketing ROI / acquiring more customers
  • Improved database quality
  • Ability to effectively measure performance
  • Improved marketing and sales team alignment

What are some of the reasons marketing automation is so scalable? The reality is that a lot of the things that are concerns for a small business looking to grow are only amplified when that organization really starts to grow.

For example, improved database quality, as I’m sure we’ve all run into, gets more and more important the more data you actually have to work with. Problems and bottlenecks that can be solved with manual work on a small scale become very unmanageable very quickly at a large scale.

Implementing marketing automation means that your marketing and sales operations can keep up with your business faster and easier, resulting in more leads and closed deals.

By the way, if you’re looking for more ways that marketing automation Can Boost Your Organization’s Performance, I have a recommendation for you. Our whitepaper, The ROI of Marketing Automation for CEOs, will help your leadership team understand the ROI to expect from implementing marketing automation at your organization.

Till next time!
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