Hopefully this isn’t too surprising:

Marketing automation is most often used by digital marketers.

I know, I know — you didn’t see that one coming! But all too often I find that it’s the obvious questions that we don’t ask. We assume the answer is, well, obvious.

Clearly digital marketers use MA because…both phrases have ‘marketing’ in the title. That makes perfect sense, right?

But when you take a step back and look at the big picture, you may find yourself reverting back to your childhood days where every statement was followed by, “why?”

You were curious! And curiosity leads to big answers, so today we’re going to spell out exactly why and how MA benefits digital marketers.

Psst…but if you want a more in-depth look at the benefits, why not cut to the chase and download our free guide: Marketing Automation: How it Benefits Digital Marketers

Benefit #1: Marketing Automation provides positive ROI

If we’re talking “big picture,” MA provides positive ROI.


Marketing automation amplifies and strengthens ALL digital marketing efforts.

That’s right — every single facet of a digital marketer’s job is strengthened and fortified with marketing automation. Think of marketing automation as a megaphone — the ULTIMATE megaphone.

Digital marketers put their ideas, efforts, campaigns, & strategy up to the megaphone (marketing automation) and BAM! In no time at all, the entire digital marketing team nets positive ROI.

Is it magic? No. But it’s pretty dang close.

Benefit #2: MA automates repetitive (and time-sucking) processes

*cough cough* email *cough*

Sure, there’s a lot more to a digital marketer’s job besides building and sending out thousands of emails, but some days, we’re feeling pretty overloaded with redundant and repetitive tasks like email marketing.

Thankfully, that’s where MA steps in! This handy-dandy software allows you to:

  1. Create email campaigns with a literal click of a button
  2. Design professional emails using one of many pre-built templates
  3. Save time with automated drip campaigns
  4. Warm up leads with targeted & dynamic content
  5. Use workflows to automate email campaign tasks (i.e. modifying list memberships)
  6. Send internal emails

This is just one of the many ways marketing automation automates repetitive digital marketing tasks. For the full rundown, be sure to check out our new guide: Marketing Automation: How it Benefits Digital Marketers.

Benefit #3: MA helps to create effective and personalized content

“Dynamic” is the name of the game in the world of marketing automation.

What makes dynamic content so great? It personalizes each and every touchpoint for your prospective and current customers.

Why does personalization matter when it comes to digital marketing? Glad you asked!

So let’s say you want to customize and personalize your web page’s:

  • Images
  • CTAs (calls-to-action)
  • Content offers
  • Greetings

MA has you covered! The best part?

The same dynamic offerings apply to your email marketing efforts, as well! Based on the conditions and parameters you set, certain recipients of an email can receive different creative (i.e. copy, images, CTAs, etc.)

Bring your digital marketing efforts into 2022 with MA and get ready to personalize the s@#! out of your content.

Don’t worry — the benefits don’t stop there! This was just the beginning. For your ultimate guide on the hundreds of ways MA benefits digital marketers, be sure to download Marketing Automation: How it Benefits Digital Marketers.

Should you need any further info on marketing automation, we have your back. Visit our Resources page and knock yourself out! No seriously, there’s like a stupid amount of information there. Go hog-wild!

Cheers to your success,

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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