I read this marketing automation question on Quora last week and the craziest imagery immediately popped into my head.

I envisioned a massive MA robot storming into my office (okay, my living room — all about that WFH life) and basically “firing me” because my job was now being “replaced” by hyper-advanced tech.

To enhance the fantasy in your own head, here’s a gif for reference:

No kidding! But then I thought about it and the question actually made a lot of sense.

Without knowing the full extent and purpose of MA software, the name itself can lead you to think that it has the capability to do a digital marketer’s job.

I even googled this thought process soon after and found several Reddit threads and questions revolving around this exact thought process.

As a digital marketer for a marketing automation company, I’d like to address this particular concern and set the record straight…for good.

I feel the need to answer this question straight out of the gate, so here we go:


Marketing automation has not and will not replace digital marketers.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s expand on why your job is not being threatened by MA software…

1. Marketing automation expands the role and impact of marketing.

MA is only as good as the content and strategy behind it.

It cannot and will not generate something out of anything. It relies on your creative initiatives, thoughtful content creation, and strategic implementation. That’s something only a human digital marketer can provide!

Because here’s the thing… this software is absolutely brilliant and useful, but completely incapable of creative, complex thought.

In order to make the most of marketing automation software, you must have capable, hands-on digital marketers.

Simply put, MA is nothing without you.

For a full, comprehensive summary on the benefits and importance of marketing automation software, take a look at our Marketing Automation 101 Guide.

2. Marketing automation does not automate the tasks carried out by digital marketers on a day-to-day basis.

That content strategy you spent months putting together? Yeah, marketing automation software can’t do that.

That brilliant blog post (😉) you spent the afternoon writing? MA won’t touch that either.

The killer paid social ad you designed with the help of your graphic designer? Nah.

MA is all about providing the relevant information for prospects at a relevant time so they can move on down the sales funnel.

It’s a very important job and it will make your life as a digital marketer easier, but unfortunately, it won’t write that ad copy for you just yet!

3. MA software actually increases a digital marketer’s value.

This point couples well with point #1:

When implemented and used correctly, marketing automation expands and strengthens the efforts and impact of your job as a digital marketer.

If anything, with the use of marketing automation, your job as a digital marketer will likely become even more important and crucial to a company’s success.

Forget about being laid off by that scary MA robot — instead you’ll be faced with increased success and increased job security.

How do you like them apples?

It’s completely natural to initially think of marketing automation as a threat to a digital marketer’s job, but hopefully these points have helped you feel a bit more secure!

After all, nobody wants their job replaced by a robot. But trust us, your job as a digital marketer will only improve with the use of MA software.

Ready to make that leap? Schedule a quick 20-minute chat with us today to see if marketing automation is right for you!

Happy Marketing,

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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