Sure, that might be a lofty statement, but we’re confident our marketing automation resources will help you make the best, most informed decisions when it comes to marketing automation implementation and practices.

Besides our fantastic platform, we’re fond of crafting and compiling useful information that helps our fellow digital marketers. Our whitepapers, worksheets, and blog posts will help you utilize your marketing automation software to the fullest extent, all while driving results and conversions.

Keep reading to find out which resources will *ahem* change your life (for the better!).

1. Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide

If you’re just starting out and don’t know where to turn, look no further than our Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide!

This handy resource communicates the 10 concrete steps to purchasing the right marketing automation platform for you and your organization.

While we are a marketing automation software company, we pride ourselves on our ability to remain unbiased—you won’t find us “pushing our agenda” in this resource.

We believe Net-Results is a great fit for 99% of marketing automation buyers out there, but you never know! We want to make sure you’re making the right decision. Download this resource and find out what to be on the lookout for throughout the buying process.

2. The ROI of Marketing Automation for CEOs

You and your team might be ready to take the plunge and purchase marketing automation software, but ultimately that decision might not be up to you.

This resource, written specifically for CEOs, will help your leadership team understand the ROI to expect from implementing marketing automation at your organization.

Let this resource do the convincing for you!

3. G2 Crowd Marketing Automation Product Comparison

Take a look at this comparison report and find out how “the big guns” stack up against one another.

Before you download the full resource, we’ll hit you with a few of our favorite findings from this report:

  • Net-Results customers achieve ROI more than 3x faster than with Marketo.
  • The average Net-Results customer reports going live in only 1 month (vs. more than 3 months with Marketo).
  • Marketers rate Net-Results Customer Support at 98% (vs Marketo at 78%).

4. Marketing Automation 101

We consider this resource to be the end-all-be-all of ALL marketing automation resources. If you have any questions about the purpose, importance, and capabilities of marketing automation software, this guide will be sure to answer all of your questions!

Here, we’ll name a few:

  • What marketing automation is and is not
  • Why you should care as a B2B marketer
  • What possibilities and opportunities await you

5. People, Processes, and Bottlenecks

This whitepaper is all about achieving business value with marketing automation software!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this resource:

  • How to identify and address bottlenecks within your own sales pipeline.
  • The importance of prioritizing the steps in your customer journey.
  • Example workflows to learn how automation can be leveraged to increase marketing value and provide prospects with information at the right time.
  • Example workflows to learn how automation can be used to increase marketing value and provide prospects information at the right time.

6. Marketing Automation is About Timing

Sure, you’ll learn all about timing in the Marketing Automation 101 Guide, but this resource will drive that idea it home!

In this whitepaper, we’ll introduce you to the solution that will help grow your revenue via marketing automation software.

Best of all? It’s a quick read and actually pretty fun (if we do so say so ourselves!).

7. The Net-Results Blog

Our Net-Results blog is our pride and joy—we love writing pieces that will help our current and prospective customers achieve their digital marketing objectives and goals.

We publish 2-3 new blog posts a week that will help answer all of your burning questions when it comes to marketing automation software, email marketing best practices, marketing strategy, and more!

To get a taste of what we’re all about, we recommend checking out these blog posts first:

Net-Results is more than a marketing automation platform—it’s a digital marketing knowledge hub that strives to aid and inspire likeminded marketers.

Visit our Resources page any time to take a look at our new whitepapers, worksheets, blog posts, and more!

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