We’ve all heard ‘em.

“We only use ten percent of our brains!” or, “George Washington had wooden teeth!”

As humans, we’re constantly trying to shuffle through the muck (or the myth) to get to the truth. 

The same goes for Marketing Automation. As a Marketing Automation software company, we’ve heard it all. False information abounds all across the internet, and we’ve found that the same holds true for our field: Marketing Automation.

In the spirit of the upcoming new year, we’re preemptively starting 2021 on the right foot by debunking 7 common myths about Marketing Automation software.

1. “Marketing Automation will solve ALL of our Marketing problems! Huzzah!”

We wish. Marketing Automation is most helpful for timing (i.e. building relationships with those who aren’t ready to buy yet and knowing when a prospect’s timing is changing to your advantage).

Marketing Automation will not take the place of your marketing team and it certainly won’t pull leads out of thin air. 

Your marketing and sales teams will need to continue putting in the hard work to obtain new, qualified leads; however, Marketing Automation can (and should!) be used to make the process of snagging new clients more effective and efficient. 

Ultimately, MA will not magically fix your social media intern’s work ethic, your Director of Marketing’s inability to understand the meaning of ‘CTA’, nor the struggle of selling ice to an Eskimo. 

But wouldn’t it be great if something could? Dare to dream. Until then, look into Net-Results Marketing Automation Software (we couldn’t help ourselves). 

2. “It’s way too expensive for my business.”

We hear this every single day. And we get it—budgets are tight! Businesses are struggling to stay afloat during this trying time, and honestly, we’re all doing the best we can.

That’s why programs such as Marketo or Hubspot can seem intimidating and just way too expensive for most non-enterprise businesses. Typically, customers get sticker shock when they start to research Marketing Automation software. That’s normal!

Rest assured, there is a Marketing Automation software that’s right for you and your business—no matter how big or small. 

Disclaimer: we don’t recommend MA for businesses who don’t have the bandwidth to handle the implementation and day-to-day upkeep of the software. If you’re wondering whether or not your team is ready to purchase MA software, check out this blog post with the 3 signs you’re ready to purchase Marketing Automation!

Net-Results offers competitive pricing at a fraction of the cost of most of those “big names.” See for yourself and find a price that suits you and your team today!

3. “We already have MailChimp!”

Okay, we’re only going to say this once so listen close:

Email Marketing is NOT Marketing Automation.

It’s commonly thought that if you have MailChimp (or any other email marketing software), that’s practically the same thing as MA. 

Not true. Email marketing is a part of Marketing Automation; however, there are several different ways in which they differ. 

Download our free Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation whitepaper today to learn the difference and decide what’s right for you.

4. “Marketing Automation will make us sound like robots.”

This kind of makes sense, at first. Whenever something becomes “automated,” we tend to assume the product will transform into something cold and impersonal. That’s valid!

But, that validity is based on lackluster marketers. It’s true—without innovation and creativity, Marketing Automation can come off as “robotic.” Without personalization and ingenuity, marketing efforts can seem dull and cookie-cutter…we’ve seen this time and time again, unfortunately. 

However, the good news is that a strong, cohesive marketing team will improve and transform ten times over with the use of Marketing Automation. 

Marketing Automation is only as good as your marketing department and efforts. For some of you, that’s either a blessing or a curse. We’ll leave that for you to decide! 

Should you have any questions regarding the choice of Marketing Automation, schedule a 20-minute call with our team. If anything, you’ll get in a quality convo with someone who understands where you’re coming from. Win, win!

5. “But Marketing Automation will only help the Marketing Department.”

What’s in a name? Confusion and misunderstanding. 

Despite having “marketing” in its name, Marketing Automation software positively affects every aspect and department of your company. For many, that’s a huge surprise—and that’s completely understandable.

While the positive repercussions will vary from department to department, we’re confident that the team who will benefit the most from Marketing Automation (besides marketing!) is sales. 

Check out our recent blog post on “4 Reasons Why Sales Teams LOVE Marketing Automation” to find out how MA helps your sales department.

With MA’s unique ability to score and qualify leads, create specialized segments, and communicate with current and prospective customers, it’s no surprise that the benefits of this software create a ripple effect throughout the entire company. 

6. “I’m not a technical person…Marketing Automation will be way too hard to implement.”

When Marketing Automation first came on the scene, this was not a myth. MA was made for software developers by software developers. 

Luckily, things have changed! At Net-Results, our backend is complex—there’s no doubt about that (our developers are actual magicians). Thankfully, our front-end dashboard (the side you’ll see) strives to be user-friendly to ensure a positive customer experience. 

The technology might be complicated, but the user experience is anything but. That’s our end goal. 

In addition, we have a fabulous Customer Success (CS) team who makes sure your implementation process is smooth sailing. Time and time again we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about the onboarding process. Plus, all the best-in-class Customer Support you could ever need is built into your monthly subscription at no extra charge — that means our top-rated CS team is there to help you get through anything that may not come like second nature.

TL;DR: if you’re competent enough to understand your field (marketing, sales, operations, etc.), you’re more than technical enough to understand Marketing Automation software. That’s our promise to you!

7. “We already have a CRM system, and Marketing Automation is pretty much the same thing, right?”


Sorry to yell there, we just feel supremely passionate about this particular myth. Sales team traditionally use CRMSand Marketing Automation (as mentioned in myth #5) is utilized by marketing teams, in addition to sales and leadership teams. 

In the traditional buyer’s journey, Marketing Automation is typically used for Top of Funnel (TOFU) marketing and sales efforts:

  • Raw leads
  • Viable leads
  • Nurtured leads
  • Active leads
  • Marketing qualified leads

In contrast, CRM systems are typically used to coordinate and catalog:

  • Qualified leads (approved by sales)
  • Opportunities/prospects
  • Closed deals (customers) 

To put it simply, MA can capture, qualify, and nurture leads—ultimately, they’ll hand these warm leads to sales. From there, sales will use their CRM systems to “seal the deal” and communicate with existing customers. 

Both software systems exist for two very different stages of the buyer’s journey. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they’re the same. You shouldn’t have one without the other!

In a world where fabrications continue to spread like wildfire, it’s no wonder so many myths exist around Marketing Automation software. 

But that’s our job! We’re thrilled to debunk common misconceptions and falsities regarding our beloved software. While this post may not answer all of your burning MA questions, have no fear. Our team is happy to discuss any inquiries you may have regarding Marketing Automation, so don’t be shy. 

Schedule a 20-minute call with our team of “MythBusters” today!

Cheers, y’all,

Lexie Robbins

Digital Marketing Specialist

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