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Manage Your Leads With More Intelligence.

"Net-Results' native integration with SugarCRM has been rock solid since 2010 and has truly helped drive greater sales and marketing alignment, and in turn more revenue for organizations worldwide."

- Clint Oram, CTO and Co-Founder, SugarCRM

Zero-Effort Hot Lead Dashboards

Click on the Net-Results tab in SugarCRM and there they are - all the leads assigned to you that are actively engaging with your website and emails.

Other tabs show you which companies have checked out your website without filling out a form, how your prospects have reacted to your emails and more!

Individual Lead & Contact Activity Streams, Scoring History

Know exactly what web pages your prospect has viewed, what emails they've received, opened & clicked. See when & how their Lead Score has changed. Make manual lead scoring adjustments with full audit history. All in your existing SugarCRM Lead & Contact screens.

Schedule Tasks like Phone Calls & Emails for Sales Reps Automatically

Net-Results knows when a prospect is hot. Have a sales rep call those prospects when the time is right. Schedule calls, emails and other tasks for your sales personnel based on conditions of your choosing.

Send Great Looking, Trackable Emails Straight From SugarCRM

Make any Net-Results email available within SugarCRM. SugarCRM users can choose a template, customize messaging and send a fully trackable email to any Lead or Contact.

Of course they can send a test copy to themselves to make sure everything is just right. With a click of their mouse. Without ever leaving SugarCRM.

Campaign Synchronization

Check a box and we'll copy your Net-Results campaigns into SugarCRM associating qualified Leads & Contacts with that campaign automatically. Now leverage SugarCRM's native reporting capabilities to see how many Opportunities your campaigns contributed to, cost per opportunity, revenue generated and campaign ROI.

Leverage All of Your SugarCRM Data

Net-Results offers the unique ability to segment your Leads & Contacts based on any standard or custom fields in SugarCRM - in limitless combination with the behavioral data gathered by Net-Results.

Opportunity amounts, stages, lead sources and much more are at your fingertips. Select exactly the prospects you wish for campaign inclusion, reporting... Any action that Net-Results can take can be driven by data that's pulled in from SugarCRM automatically.

And the Cost of this integration

We call this collection of great sales enablement tools FunnelVision and they are included with your Net-Results subscription at no charge.