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Lead Management 2.0 Starts with Segment-Driven Technology.

Our unparalleled approach to revenue creation is changing the game, and our Customers and Partners are reaping the benefits. The next generation in Lead Management Automation is here. It's time to learn about Segment-Driven Automation.

The superior concept driving outstanding results.

All automation in Net-Results is driven by one single aspect: Segments. It's really quite simple.

You build a Segment that defines a set of conditions that matter to you. Net-Results continuously monitors your prospect universe to see which of them meets the conditions you've set. When a prospect qualifies for that Segment, Net-Results will take the actions you've tasked it with. Send an email, adjust a lead score, change list membership, schedule a task for the sales rep in your CRM, include the prospect in a report or dashboard, send an alert, offer a whitepaper...the options are endless.

Your one Segment can drive any automation tasks you choose. This is Segment-Driven Automation and it offers two distinct advantages to your business.

Segment-Driven Automation is Easier.

Once you learn how to build a Segment you've learned 80% of what you need to know to maximize the value of your lead management investment with Net-Results. You're largely free to focus on strategy and process rather than getting sidetracked by poorly conceived technology architecture.

Segment-Driven Automation is More Powerful.

And because all our features are driven by Segments, with Net-Results you'll be able to drive email campaign participation & branching based on anything you want. Score your leads based on anything you want. Drive reports and dashboards based on anything you want. Control CRM task creation, list management, sales alerts and more based on anything you want.

A Simple Choice When You Know the Facts

Segment-Driven Automation offers you the fastest learning curve, the most user-efficient day-to-day usage, the ultimate combination of power and flexibility, and the shortest time to ROI.

Choose Net-Results. You'll have made the best marketing automation investment on the market.

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